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ellie goulding hairstyle shaved

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  • Capt T
    Apr 3, 06:42 PM
    Not sure what you are talking about from those picture. Maybe circle where you think it is marred?

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  • gigaguy
    May 5, 07:14 PM
    All the jailbreak info I see is on 4.2.1 or 4.3.2. I assume I can not upgrade to 4.3.2 as I have no blobs and I assume 4.3.3 is what Apple is signing. what am I missing on 4.3.1?
    I'm downloading redsnow for 4.31 and the 4.3.1 FW. DO i have any options to upgrade the FW and still jailbreak?

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  • critten
    Mar 10, 11:35 PM
    probably go around noon. ANything else just seems not worth it haha. But good luck to you, I know you'll get one.

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  • iMeowbot
    Aug 19, 09:58 PM
    We love the subs!

    Oh, that reminds me. The soundtracks for the moon song and other Rathergood shorts are now available as MP3 tracks (

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  • Macsavvytech
    Apr 10, 02:38 AM
    My MC Model iPod is jailbroken right now.

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  • KBP
    Jun 22, 08:42 PM
    Yep. Just made camp in font ofthe Chestnut apple store in Sam Fransisco about an hour ago. Staff very friendly. Probally met close to the whole crew. A lot of curious passer Byers!

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  • eawmp1
    May 7, 03:33 AM
    What you should get depends on what you need he machine or and how long you wish to keep it.

    Buy vase RAM from Apple and add 3rd party yourself.

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  • Dr99
    May 4, 12:17 PM
    Mine is still as it was when I ordered yesterday:
    Ships: Jun 15
    Delivers: Jun 22

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  • ArmoredFist
    Dec 9, 04:23 AM
    I was just given a used PowerBook G3/233,

    I kind of suspect that the yo-yo AC adapter that came with it isn't the right one, M7332 The battery was working a few months ago, but now it's dead and I can't charge it. The PowerBookG3 is listed here as being compatible, but I'm really having to jam the plug into the computer pretty hard.

    I believe it's not the right adapter because it isn't listed here

    The computer works on AC power fine, it just won't charge the battery. It's possible that the battery is just old and won't hold a charge any more.

    I thought I'd post this problem here to see if any of you guys are using a Powerbook G3 with an M7332 adapter with no issues.

    Let me know. Thanks.

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  • John901
    May 2, 06:24 AM
    I wish to make a plain and simple business card
    I have found the program 'Business Card Composer 5.0.4' however it is much to complicated
    Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice easy simple program to fullfil my needs?

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  • jjk454ss
    Mar 19, 10:26 PM
    I have heard a few people recommend this one. (

    Also, have you tried resizing the images...? Is it just the fact you have so many?

    I'll check that out, thanks.

    I think the problem is both the size and qty, but I like to leave them decent size for anyone wanting to download them.

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  • QuarterSwede
    Mar 27, 08:56 PM
    did you try to save the shsh blobs with tinyumbrella?

    if you don't have shsh blobs saved your out of luck
    As kvizzel alluded, it's an Apple signing error because they aren't signing 4.2.1 anymore. You HAVE to update because you don't have 4.2.1 blobs saved. There is no other option.

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  • prmccarron
    Apr 18, 09:18 AM
    1. Open Disk Utility
    2. Select your hard drive from the left-hand-side column (NOTE: It's not the Macintosh HD but the one above it)
    3. Click the Partition tab
    4. Click the + icon
    5. Give a name to the new partition
    6. Use Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as format
    7. Define its size
    8. Click Apply

    Then open the Lion disk image and start installing it to the new partition you just created. No data should be erased.


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  • Jaredcwood
    Jun 18, 05:44 PM

    Type: Package
    Status: Delivered
    Delivered On: 06/18/2009
    12:25 P.M.
    Delivered To: TRENTON, NJ, US

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  • nrajack
    Dec 13, 06:48 AM
    I do not know if i should post this in this site or not but i do not know any where else to try and get answer's. I have pro tools and i just uninstalled it and it freed up 100 GB. Why is it so huge. I only had one audio file i had been working on and it was not that big. So is there something i need to do to free up space when i am done with a audio file or am i possible doing something wrong?????


    Also if you know of a place better for me to post this let me know

    ProTools 100 gig in size? I don't think so - don't you mean 100 meg maybe? Also which version of PT? You might want to post this over in the DUC.

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  • liketom
    Oct 20, 01:58 PM
    Simple, but very cool. An Apple font would have been nice, but it's very good!
    Thanks very much :)

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  • spazzcat
    Jun 16, 11:41 AM
    Good old Mircrosoft, we can't win on talent, so lets try to buy our way in...

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  • lilrhino
    Mar 11, 04:04 AM
    I'm thinking about standing in line after seeing the shipping options online. When I called yesterday, I was told that you could expedite shipping - not true. Going for the white wi-fi + 3G 64GB on Verizon if no contract.

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  • raoul1219
    May 4, 12:23 PM
    Here in Switzerland it did quote 4-6 weeks
    that and the steep pricetag held me back from going SSD, I think or hope to buy a faster Thunderbolt SSD at the end of this year

    I wouder if it has somesthing to do with LION beeing more SSD firendly

    Jul 25, 02:25 AM
    It's a long shot, but have you installed a third-party firewall, or turned on the firewall in system prefs? Just a guess.


    Apr 22, 07:32 PM
    Take it to a qualified repair shop before you do any more damage.

    Sep 9, 01:15 PM
    I checked to see if the store would let me select the new $299 16GB iPod touch or the new nanos, but according to the "Get a Free iPod" screen,

    "iPod models introduced on September 9, 2008 are not eligible for this promotion."


    Jan 9, 06:42 PM
    There's been more than a few off-topic threads and flame wars popping up....

    Let's stop it...

    Avoid personal attacks and instigating flame wars... constructive and thought-out criticisms are welcome... but simple "xyz sucks" posts will be not be. Go to Ars' Battlefront ( if you want to post those threads.


    Sep 27, 02:41 AM
    15 al pbook......i just upgraded to 1.5 gb from running off my external now which is pretty zippy.....syst prefs icon loads on clikc (i think the drive speed is 7200rpm though) and before on the internal it was like 2bounces and a half....i think the new internal drive is a it should be fairly faster then what it is now

    I've heard that the difference between 4200 and 5400 is MUCH more noticeable than 5400 to 7200, so nice job.

    My girlfriend's PowerBook from the latest generation (5400 RPM hd) loads things noticeably faster than my iBook.

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