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halle berry hair. Halle Berry with lightened
  • Halle Berry with lightened

  • Seb742
    Apr 28, 03:41 PM
    Thanks, but i have tried that as well. I can post from another computer, but my comments don't show up on any computer if I submit them from mine. No odea wht is going on.

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  • Halle Berry in 15th Annual

  • robgendreau
    Feb 18, 07:21 PM
    So...I thought that with the popularity of digital books I'd check out some and see if I should start reading them instead of print.

    But it's a fail; they seem to be nothing but digitized books. For a considerable sum of money. I had thought that by now someone would be creating a real electronic book, something intended to be read with an iPad or Kindle or something. Printed material in books, magazines and newspapers is optimized for those forms; ebooks are just dreck. Yeah, I can search. Or bookmark. BFD.

    Are there any examples of someone writing a book that isn't either a digitized version of a paperback, or a glorified web page? I'd like to see a version of the Odyssey, for example, where it could switch back and forth between languages, or had contextual maps, or would pronounce names for you, or whatever. Something that could exploit what an electronic device can do, in a way that adds to the content but doesn't distract you. Anything?


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  • blackwind
    May 5, 08:22 PM
    Thank you people.. Yes luckily i have sbsetting so i can see if my data ip address. You have to have 3G on the phone (so it can address the data ip address)

    You can also see if there is any HotSpot in Setting>General>Network just under Data Roaming... After i enable it from there, I can see my HotSpot at the Settinge Menu....


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  • javiercr
    Sep 21, 08:53 AM
    Thanks, sounds good, I'll look into that, hopefully they'll have it in the UK

    Actually is much more expensive.. :cool:

    halle berry hair. halle berry hair
  • halle berry hair

  • zerostar
    Jun 29, 12:23 PM
    As much as I want Apple to speak up and address this, I can see their point of view, why draw attention to this issue any more than already is.

    If they release a fix then it will just go away, if they don't I guess they are relying on the "oh well, I'll deal with it" of most people out here...

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  • halle berry hair 2010. halle

  • attapl
    Jun 20, 11:15 AM
    I'll be driving there in my xterra to pick up the iphone 4:cool:

    Cool I'll be there as early as possible in my white Civic. Only problem is avoiding mall security, as they don't want anyone on the property before 6am.

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  • Beauty Evolution: Halle Berry

  • Motley
    Apr 3, 11:38 AM
    Nice find, but just say "NO" to forced bundles.

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  • mrl14
    Jan 18, 08:41 AM
    Domainer is a fantastic application. I've been using it since 1.0. It's elegant and easy to use.

    Great MWSF coverage!!

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  • techhead42
    May 4, 01:29 AM
    I notice that a few here already have received their new refreshed 2011 iMacs.
    Can you please give the rest of us an assessment of any screen issues.
    eg. yellowing/smudges/dead pixels that plagued some of the 2010 iMacs.


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  • dedalus
    Apr 17, 07:08 AM
    Hi I'd like to be able to watch a movie on my nano iPod, what's the best way?



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  • halle-erry-short-cropped-

  • rockinrocker
    Apr 22, 10:33 AM
    If there's a way to do it over ethernet that'd be great.

    I'm at kind of a loss as to how to set it up though...

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  • old-wiz
    Feb 1, 01:22 PM
    It's a decent machine for surfing the net, but watch out for flash.
    You can't upgrade beyond 10.5 as others have mentioned.
    My wife uses a 1.33 ghz iBook G4 for surfing and it's fine.

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  • wolfboy
    Dec 27, 05:59 PM
    I think it depends on the screen protector, mainly if it goes all the way to the edge of the glass or not. He clearly has one on in the pics so I guess it works. I also say InCase Slider is the best in terms of both looks and durability. Second would probably be Speck Candyshell for ease-of-use and durability.

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  • Sun Baked
    Jan 15, 12:20 AM
    I think people are having their MacGasms a little eary.

    Usually they wait for Steve to walk out on stage with his Keynote Remote before they have their first MacGasm.

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  • adrian.oconnor
    Oct 25, 10:32 AM
    OK, I've edited my post to remove the reference. It wasn't my intention to call anyone out by name in particular.

    But, however you dress it up, the level of trolling/shouting makes the MR forum very difficult to read sometimes. The ban list helps, but hiding the replies would clean things up even more.

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  • belvdr
    Feb 11, 07:00 AM
    Thanks for that, I'll get my mac nephew to have a look; he thinks I'm swearing at him when I used to ask him questions about my PC!
    Generally, would it make everything better, and faster, if I simply ditched the Netgear router and bought another Airport Express?

    It certainly wouldn't be faster nor easier. If you can put the AE into bridge mode, you're done. :)

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  • makleod
    Apr 7, 11:53 AM
    Golden rule: do not buy no name RAM. Most of it won't work.
    Well known brands like Crucial/Micron, Corsair, Kingston, Hynix, Samsung, Infineon etc. will work. RAM must be low density (ask seller before buying in case of any doubts).
    Yea, I figured I was going to get burned with cheap RAM, but had to try just in case it worked. Thanks! I'll order the WINTEC RAM and it should work.

    halle berry hair. Halle Berry in November of
  • Halle Berry in November of

  • TuffLuffJimmy
    Feb 13, 10:48 PM
    If your cat is one of those cats that loves playing in boxes, please post a video of your cat playing in the iMac box.


    halle berry hair. Halle Berry
  • Halle Berry

  • psychofreak
    Jan 10, 04:22 PM
    Some things are available straight away, some things may come a few weeks after...we don't know more than you...

    Apr 12, 09:56 AM
    1. May depend on the stepping of the CPUs. 5160s have TDP of 80W each which is 15W higher than 5130s. Hard to say but I doubt it will increase much.

    Jun 29, 11:39 PM
    May be a good idea to describe what these are -- photos, links?

    They are a set of great studio monitors. If you're into a little home recording, you can't do much better for the money.

    Apr 19, 01:25 PM
    Mb/s or mb/s?

    I see what you did there...

    Apr 4, 06:59 AM
    Hello all,
    Lately my G5 1.8 dual has been freezing on first boot and i'm not sure why.
    If i hold the power button to shut it down, then reboot it, it works great until i shut it down again. Then it freezes on first boot again. It's been doing this for awhile and i think it could be software issues, but im not sure,
    what do you think?

    Aug 7, 12:58 PM
    i didn't download the demo, but i will be picking up this game

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