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eminem recovery cover

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  • marclapierre13
    Jul 1, 09:39 PM
    Hey. Add me to the list as well. I don't seem to be able to post any new topics here either.

    There will not be any new posts allowed on the Marketplace Archive due to the change of marketplace. The new marketplace is located under Community section of the forum. Start all new marketplace FS/WTB/FEELER threads in there.

    Here is a link to the new Marketplace (http://forums.macrumors.com/forumdisplay.php?f=132):

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  • ApplesAOranges
    Mar 2, 01:25 PM
    I typo, because I was so disappointed, although I KNEW I was going to be.

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  • springscansing
    Oct 15, 03:14 AM
    Who thinks this is going to be a major, major update like some people are saying? With relations going ice cold with Microsoft, and Microsoft not exactly showing much interest in developing future mac apps, do you think the new version of Appleworks is going to be designed to take over for Office on OS X? It's been rumored that Office compatibility is a "major concern."

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  • MacBytes
    Jun 29, 11:40 AM
    http://www.macbytes.com/images/bytessig.gif (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Category: News and Press Releases
    Link: Steve Wozniak, your friendly iPhone 4 line chauffeur (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20100629124031)
    Description:: none

    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)
    Approved by Mudbug

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  • CBX
    Mar 28, 10:30 AM
    Cheers for the replys.

    I was thinking about moving to 4 as it looked like it was all in a single IDE rather than seperate ones in 3.2. I thought it may be more like what im used to. Appreciate the feedback though and will probably stick with 3.2 based on it.

    The file in /Developer which gives instructions on how to remove XCode 3.2.

    I will take a look at this. Is the installation something that wont affect any other parts of the system or will removing xcode have a knock on effect?

    As im new to mac I thought it was a case of dragging a file to trash.

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  • Consultant
    May 4, 12:55 PM

    You can email pictures from iPad
    ipad also shows up as a camera in which you can copy the pictures.

    Also: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1364

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  • LERsince1991
    Mar 20, 01:52 PM
    Right so I'm starting to use the crop marks and stuff from indesign and pdf to get borderless documents but I've got a couple of questions.

    1 - Am I stupid? - When i've printed using all the marks etc... from indesign. I go to slice them up on the guillotine and slice one side using the marks, but then that slices of the other 2 crop marks so I cant line up the sides that are next to the first? How do I use the crop marks?

    2 - I want to add crop marks to a pdf from pages but not sure how... actually, just found out how. Expanded the a4 pdf in acrobat pro to a3 then added all trim marks etc...

    So how do i trim using the trim marks please? :/


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  • attapl
    Jun 20, 11:15 AM
    I'll be driving there in my xterra to pick up the iphone 4:cool:

    Cool I'll be there as early as possible in my white Civic. Only problem is avoiding mall security, as they don't want anyone on the property before 6am.

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  • angelneo
    Dec 6, 03:14 AM
    I did the analysis, it might be Arn's dream within a dream.

    Macrumors has been incepted?

    I got this ad very frequently as well, I thought it was only me.

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  • paperinacup
    Sep 21, 09:17 PM
    for cutting movies will the sound of the speakers be better than the ipod headphones (whihc is what I currently use)?

    Unless you would like to invest in high quality monitors (yamaha). For the things you'll do they should work fine.

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  • Daveman Deluxe
    Jul 18, 09:21 PM
    This is an acknowledged problem. The same sort of thing has happened to me before and it's a pain in the butt. Mine was still under warranty, fortunately.

    I suspect that your wife needs a new battery, but I'd take it in to an Apple Store just to make sure.

    At best, a new battery will fix things up. At worst, the entire PMU needs to be replaced.

    When you get it fixed (if you so choose) be sure to use the iBook off of AC power until the computer goes to sleep because the battery's done at least once a week. It has to do with the way the battery manager resets itself.

    Good luck.

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  • gigapocket1
    Feb 11, 03:49 AM
    or you could spend 1.99 on the app tetherme.. Which unlocks the built in hotspot feature...

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  • Brianstorm91
    Jan 10, 06:43 PM
    I sure as heck hope they release the new MBPs (if they are announced) the same day, because I've been waiting to get my new laptop long enough as it is.

    Maybe this (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=412084)'d interest you.

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  • taylorwilsdon
    Jun 23, 04:55 PM

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  • Daveman Deluxe
    Jul 18, 07:40 PM
    Could you describe the specific problem?

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  • Xian Zhu Xuande
    Jan 11, 06:55 PM
    Hiya folks,

    I've had a small problem for a little while and I figured it might be worth tossing out here. Maybe someone can make heads or tails of it.

    We have multiple computers at our home. I use an Airport Extreme (latest model) to share a 20 Mb connection across a WPA/WPA2 wireless network. All other computers in the house are using the connection without a problem. My Mac Pro, however, always struggles with bandwidth when it is first powered on (enough that web browsing is relatively futile). If I reset the Airport it solves this problem until I turn the Mac Pro off again.

    The Mac Pro is a room away from the Airport, which does its job well enough that I can browse in my relatively sizable back yard, in front of the house, or even out in the street. It is on the floor for the time being, which is something a senior technician at Apple noted as cause for degraded signal. It has never worked in this regard and I'm not sure how long this problem has lasted, as before I moved the Mac Pro was always connected via gigabit ethernet. Short of hauling the Mac Pro in to the Apple Store for some blind troubleshooting I am not sure what might be causing this. I've got some pretty extensive networking experience and the folks in Apple's networking division are equally baffled. We've replaced the Airport.

    Has anyone encountered something like this?

    In the least it would always be good to have some extra ideas before discussing the issue with someone at the Genius Bar, especially considering they'll likely be far less experienced than the Apple Care senior engineers.

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  • Crigger540
    Feb 8, 10:03 AM
    Wow, call me a NOOB
    You're a NOOB, but we all were at some time!

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  • notjustjay
    Dec 9, 10:33 PM
    I appreciate the spirit of the event, but some of those notes are clearly too high for those guys to be singing. Ouch... :eek:

    Edit: also, harmony.

    Edit again: ooh, but he's really getting into it by 9:55.

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  • mkrishnan
    Dec 25, 01:19 PM
    Oooh, yeah, I see you are correct now. It seemed to be working, but I couldn't actually use my internet connection.

    Any chance you can run a wire from your AEBS to your Mini so that it could share via airport?

    You wanted to use sharing with a less restrictive method so that you could turn it on and off easily when you want to play DS, right? I guess changing the Airport settings between WEP and WPA over and over again would be very tiresome.... :(

    When I shopped for a handheld, WPA was very important to me. It's too bad the DS doesn't support it.

    Aug 10, 12:02 PM
    That looks like a mix of Battlefield and Modern Warfares IMO. I'm not too excited, MW2 was good in the beginning but killstreaks killed it. I will likely buy this but I doubt it can offer something like CoD4 did

    May 6, 09:44 PM
    I'm sure the computer would be great, no matter which size you buy. I'm not trying to strong-arm you. Do whatever you like, mate.

    But, honestly, the 27" screen is a complete knock-out. I can't do it without, now.

    Jun 23, 10:14 PM
    14" or 12"
    Does this come with any software CDs as per Marketplace rules?
    What accessories(if any) comes with this? (ie battery(condition?), ac adapter...)
    Original box or manuals included?
    What size HDD?
    Overall condition of case and LCD, any stuck dead pixels?

    Mar 29, 09:46 AM
    Did you install the 32-bit or 64-bit version?
    Edit: shame on me for not reading original post

    May 2, 04:07 PM
    FileSalvage has always worked well for me. It's the kinda thing you want to keep around as you never know when data loss will occur and it's easier to be prepared than try to figure out what to do once it's happened.

    Stop using the machine right away as temp files can quickly overwrite the lost files. You will need to boot the machine from another drive with the data recovery software installed to recover the files as you can't recover them to the same drive they were on as it would risk overwriting them or others. You also don't want to download the application to the same drive the files are/were stored for risk of overwriting them.

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