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leighton meester and blake lively friends. Blake Lively and Versace
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  • dXTC
    Feb 22, 01:36 PM
    I've just checked, it has a power cable and RCA audio output cables. Sorry if i'm being slow but i'm not completely confident with 'line level.' Does it mean that I can plug it into a home stereo? :)

    Yes, provided your home stereo has RCA input jacks (usually labeled AUX). The input from these jacks will be amplified by your home stereo and played at normal volume through the stereo's speakers.

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  • Bozley0621
    Feb 25, 10:35 AM
    If you manage the playlists and track, album, artist, etc details in iTunes, they will transfer to each device in the same way.

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  • twoodcc
    Feb 14, 02:21 PM
    i've noticed that intels newer processors are in stores now. i wonder if anyone has tried folding with them?

    i've read that some of these processors have been overclocked to near 5 ghz, but i can't find anything about folding with them

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  • john mumme
    Mar 11, 04:55 AM
    The sorting idea worked well, but repairing permissions doesn't appear to have helped. The only place that "real" applications appear is in the Applications folder iteself! The real icons appear there but nowhere else. FRRRRRRUSTRATION


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  • yaesumofo
    Jun 21, 12:48 AM
    I read that multiple exchange servers are supported.

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  • frunkis54
    May 3, 07:47 PM

    Could someone tell me how I can change the way the display name is shown when someone calls me. I have seen pictures and usually the name is shown on the top of the screen and the full picture as the wallpaper. However on my phone the name is displayed in a text box that pops up in the middle which covers the picture. Having the text box in the middle is different from what I have seen on other iphones. Is there a way to set this or is something wrong?

    its been awhile since i had my iphone but i believe if you take the pic on the iphone and assign it to your contact it will take up the whole screen but if you use a pic and assign it to a contact on your computer then sync it over it makes it a small contact pic.

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  • Gav
    Jun 5, 03:18 PM
    Didn't 02 Start selling them for �169? If that's the case, I wouldn't say much more than �169 :p

    I advise you to put a one day auction in on eBay, as Hustle quite rightly pointed out, the value on Monday will drop very quickly.

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  • efoto
    Sep 30, 09:10 AM
    I meant a frame, not an A Frame.

    Regardless does anyone have any ideas?

    I realize this is later than you asked for, but here regardless.

    In GoLive CS2, in the objects toolbar you can drag in a new object (smart I think) that is .swf, or perhaps it was create a new diagram and then drag the .swf object, not sure. Once that is in, in the properties for the object you would simply find all the related items to that file, then GoLive would transfer copies of them to the website directory and you should be all set. Have you tried the Adobe help for GoLive? I seem to remember this topic or something similar being in there....

    leighton meester and blake lively friends. leighton meester and lake
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  • l.a.rossmann
    Apr 22, 06:48 PM
    What he said.

    It's a broken screen. A new one will get you up and running in no time!

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  • R94N
    Aug 27, 02:00 AM
    It seems that recently there have been a lot of robberies in Apple stores, but it always happens, and I suppose there's a lot more now than there used to be.

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  • paulypants
    Mar 2, 12:20 PM
    I've had a few weird issues lately:

    Logging into account--begins to log in, see desktop, menu bar and dock load, but then screen goes blue and logs me back out to login screen automatically. Have to login again. Also had a kernel panic when waking from sleep to login window. I had Winswitch and JewelCase installed (iTunes was in starup items), I removed them and that hasn't happened since.

    On a recent login updating prebinding took 15 minutes

    Some app quits (not many), but Quicktime and Preview take long time to open now out of nowhere...

    While using Illustrator yesterday I noticed that my minimized windows and my Illustrator dock icon were to the right of the trash, I couldn't move them to the left. I tried relaunching the Finder several times, but no go...had to restart.

    In Photoshop, if I click from a photoshop window to a finder window quickly the finder window disappears...

    Now I have repared permissions, disk, run cron scripts, reset NVRAM and PRAM, run fsck, and run techtool pro and apple hardware test

    None of these problems existed before I added a gig of RAM from Crucial, so do these sound like RAM issues, if so, then why do the hardware tests and techtool pro say RAM is ok? And if it is the RAM, then why are the problems not frequent?


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  • zblaxberg
    Apr 4, 08:06 AM
    Video Filters> Three Way Color Corrector


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  • Dunepilot
    Apr 4, 05:38 AM
    Of the games that I own, all of them use the nunchuck at some level or other. Often it's mainly for the addition of the analogue stick in your left hand, but most make use of the motion sensing also. Warioware even has some two-player minigames that you can play with one wiimote plugged into the nunchuck, so each person holds one like a skipping rope.

    The nunchuck is like a wiimote minus the infared pointing, rumble, speaker, but adding an analogue stick.

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  • liamkp
    Jul 12, 09:27 AM
    I don't think that the demand for iPod touch 1st gen cases are there anymore...check eBay !


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  • iTouch.lover22
    Mar 23, 01:34 AM
    Would just like to add pricing has been announced for Australia, $579 for the 16GB Wifi I'll be getting :)

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  • Hastings101
    Apr 22, 05:23 AM
    I noticed that after a software update this morning I can no longer write to the root directory of OS X without giving my password. I don't usually use it for anything anyway but I'm wondering why this suddenly kicked in?

    Get info permissions:
    System - Read & Write
    Admin - Read Only (used to be Read & Write)
    Everyone - Read Only

    I just want to make sure that nothing's wrong with my OS X install :)

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  • Jeromer28
    May 5, 08:33 AM
    :-( i didn't want to hear that. It was in the back of my mind the whole time I was troubleshooting. Thanks for you help. I really appreciate it.

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  • trojan18
    Jan 15, 06:33 PM
    If you can wait a little, it should be up on iTunes soon for download. There is a podcast channel they started last year and 2007 with the iPhone is up there. I would assume they would add 2008 to the list shortly.

    Or you can download Snapz Pro X and record a movie of the Quicktime stream and it will download to your desktop. The unregistered version will have a watermark on the video.

    The cheapest way to get the registered version is the $49 bundle Macrumors is advertising. It's 69 dollars without the bundle all by itself.


    leighton meester and blake lively friends. Blake Lively and Leighton
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  • emorydunn
    Mar 14, 05:48 AM
    There is of course a third option: having them professionally scanned. I know there are several places online and probably a few places where you live that will give you the best of both worlds, for a price, though.

    Now, what could also work is import the CD versions and keep the prints so down the road if you want to make new prints you can scan them in at high resolution.

    Jan 10, 04:21 PM
    It varies. Sometimes the stuff they announce is available for purchase after the keynote is over that day. Sometimes it's not. It's a crapshoot, really.

    Sep 15, 05:24 AM
    Put him in a cage.

    Jun 17, 08:25 PM
    I am looking how much my powerbook G4 12 inch
    867mghz Power Pc G4
    2 x 128mb
    20gb HD

    May 3, 03:51 PM
    I have always in the past but when I tried on 2 separate occasions after purchase of white iphone they said they were cracking down on it. This was over the 611 number. I was going to wait until I get my bill and try again...

    Mar 28, 05:07 PM
    I have been running two displays on my unibody Mini since mid-June 2010.

    One monitor is a 23" HP connected via DVI (I think? -- doesn't matter, though)
    The other is a 26" Samsung LED TV connected via HDMI.

    They've been running perfectly until today.

    At first, the TV didn't even detect anything hooked up into the HDMI port. Then I turned off my mini, unplugged everything, plugged it all back in and now the TV acknowledges that something is plugged into the HDMI port, but it says that there is no signal.

    I have tried different HDMI cables and also tried plugging them into different ports.

    The cables and ports on the TV do work, because I tested them using my xbox 360.

    I also went to System Preferences and Displays and asked it to detect displays and it only detected my monitor.

    And now.. actually, my monitor keeps flicking to a blue screen (which it used to do when I turned the TV on in order to watch something from the Mini).

    Any help or insight would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

    And sorry about the long-winded post; I wanted to include all the information I could.

    EDIT: Just ran the hardware test and it says there were no problems found. I'm not sure if it would be the video card, since the regular monitor is working (relatively) fine.

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