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robert pattinson kristen stewart kissing. Robert Pattinson, Kristen
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  • Strimkind
    Feb 28, 07:35 PM
    Easy to upgrade the RAM. You can pick up a 32MB 72PIN for almost nothing now if you want to do that.

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  • kissing; robert pattinson and

  • hydrostarr
    Apr 29, 09:42 AM
    This solar-powered, portable power source looks rather interesting. Possibly used in place of (??) external battery or possibly to charge the external battery "offline."

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  • robert pattinson and kristen

  • likethesoup2
    Apr 4, 11:54 AM
    This may seem like a stupid question -- but what's the advantage of 'jailbreaking'? Disadvantage?

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  • Robert Pattinson amp; Kristen

  • macspam
    Apr 25, 06:53 PM
    How could I skip the processor verify in order to install the new Lion beta in a CoreDuo MacBook 1,1.

    :apple: Hardware specs: 160 Gb., CoreDuo 2 Ghz, 2 Gb RAM.
    Any help will be much appreciated!

    By the way: I do not have another mac with a Core2Duo -or later- processor.


    robert pattinson kristen stewart kissing. Robert Pattinson and Kristen
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  • Apple2
    Apr 22, 10:18 PM
    Hello all:

    I am a software developer, and recently had my app rejected. The app is fairly simple, but in my opinion is funny. The app is a picture of an electrical outlet, and when you tap it, it vibrates the phone. The app was rejected because

    "We found that the features and/or content of your app were not useful or entertaining enough, or your app did not appeal to a broad enough audience, to be in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines."

    I am just wondering if you would find this app amusing, and if enough people do, I might be able to get this pushed through the appeal process and onto the app store.

    Thank you,

    robert pattinson kristen stewart kissing. Robert Pattinson Kristen
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  • videomaven
    Jan 25, 05:00 PM
    Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that. Now I'm wondering the same thing.
    Anybody know?

    I think it was Final Cut user group...Anyway, Apple was supposed to have some 'special announcement' for that user group. People were speculating it would either be new Mac Pro's (obviously they did that before Mac World) and after the Mac Pro announcement they were speculating new Apple displays. Obviously that didn't happen - so what WAS the special announcement?

    There never was to be any special announcement. "Tickler" publicity for the event intimated a special announcement which MacRumors and other sites considered to be a real, genuine rumor.

    robert pattinson kristen stewart kissing. Robert Pattinson and Kristen
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  • NickCerame
    May 6, 11:48 AM
    I plan on picking on up pretty soon. I just didn't want it to be updated right after I buy the current model. I plan on using this monitor for awhile.

    robert pattinson kristen stewart kissing. robert pattinson kristen
  • robert pattinson kristen

  • guccigucci88
    Apr 16, 10:47 PM
    magpuls a great case especially for the price. but if your atving theres no doubt - otterbox defender. and in my opinion it looks the best out of all the bulky hardcore cases. (just my opinion)

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  • belovedmonster
    Apr 9, 04:02 AM
    Theres plenty of game guides online. If you want to avoid spoilers then do a page search for the appropriate terms and that way you wont accidentally read parts of the guide searching for reference to the fish.

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  • Artful Dodger
    Dec 14, 12:08 PM
    No MM just the one click mouse...

    robert pattinson kristen stewart kissing. Robert Pattinson, Kristen
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  • QuarterSwede
    Apr 19, 07:32 PM
    What is it with the large ads all of a sudden? I'd be having some major words with the provider.

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  • trfjason
    Jun 3, 10:27 PM
    I ordered it online from Apple Store, there is an Apple retail store in my area, should I bring it there for them to fix this problem?

    robert pattinson kristen stewart kissing. Robert Pattinson and Kristen
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  • JIGPhone
    Apr 19, 09:09 PM
    Thanks for the input. I ended up buying the Magpul, but will def check out the Otterbox and Griffin cases too!

    robert pattinson kristen stewart kissing. Robert Pattinson and Kristen
  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen

  • Galley
    Oct 3, 10:48 PM
    FLAC Lossless = ALAC Lossless

    AAC is lossy

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  • didii
    May 2, 03:16 PM
    Sorry for my false answer than...
    When I installed Windows 7 64-bit and wanted to install Bootcamp drivers, bootcamp said that its software wasn't compatible with Windows 7 64-bit. So I concluded that Bootcamp was unsuitable to install the drivers correctly in 64-bit.

    My bad, sorry.

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  • getbigg21
    Dec 4, 08:10 PM
    what do you have?

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  • iH8Quark
    Jul 29, 10:54 PM
    arn, i totally dig the new home button at the top of the forums pages. That's much more friendly.

    cheers! :)

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  • Rob pattinson kiss

  • jimN
    Jan 12, 01:05 PM
    My word. No wonder Steve looks a little tired when the keynote starts. He should get paid more.

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  • Robert Pattinson won three

  • celticpride678
    Feb 22, 09:33 PM
    It's a very good start, but the header just isn't appealing to me.

    Nov 11, 02:54 PM
    I guess this is why the site name is macrumors not macnews... seems to be a lot of speculation gone south lately..

    Jan 28, 07:29 AM
    Hi all,

    I've recently been setting up a new Mac Mini 10.6 Server in an office I'm working in as a standalone server. So far I've managed to set up all the functions I've needed (VPN, File Sharing etc). All the computers in the office are Macs except for one desktop PC - which refuses to recognize the Mac server.

    I've activated SMB and Workgroups, however the PC simply will not find the Mac server, even if i go to Run > Server IP Address.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I might be going wrong?

    Any help would be really appreciated as my knowledge of PC's is fairly minimal!

    Mar 8, 03:55 PM
    Hey all, thought I would give a quick little background setup on myself. I actually had an Apple III a long time ago, and now I'm going back. After my friends switched over to Macs a year ago (Quicksilvers) and then convinced another friend to switch (800 mhz 17" iMacs) I got really curious as to why they ditched PCs. After messing around with them for some time I really started to like OSX and then new Apple designs. I started reading this forum over the past efw months getting accustomed to what people tlak about with Apple and what I would need to know before I made the switch. Well, my new 1 ghz 17" iMac arrived last week and I love it. It has changed the way I view computers. I went out and bought the O'Reily Mac OSX: Missing Manual book to learn about the file structure and get acquainted with the new OS. I really wnat to master it. Glad to be on the other side and I'm sure you will hear a lot from me from here on out. Thanks.

    Oh, and a little bit of personal info. I'm 20, a college student, and a Digital Media major. I actually use Flower Power iMacs running OS9 in one of my classes and now I have started to use the labs that have the dual 450 Powermacs running OSX, instead of the PCS. I have a class in Adobe Illustrator and running it in OSX is so much better then Windows.

    Dec 20, 06:24 PM
    :D Funny

    It looks like he is slapping his a**. Very funny.

    Dec 29, 11:01 AM
    Full disclosure: Rearth sent me this case to review.

    Before the case arrived, I was really hoping that it wouldn't turn out to be yet another problematic iPod touch case. Happily, I can report that the Rearth Ringke case is a product I can recommend without hesitation.

    Let's have a look... (click any photo to enlarge it)

    Here it is inside its packaging:

    Nothing much to say about the packaging. It did its job of protecting the case on its voyage to me in Europe.

    The Ringke case is available in many colors. This one is called "maroon". It's a nice color for anyone who wants something dark that isn't black. Brighter colors can sometimes compete with the display for attention, so it's nice that Rearth offers a variety of darker colors.

    On the iPod, the Ringke case is nice and snug:

    Possibly the best thing about this case is the consistency of its silicone. They really got the mixture right in creating a case that is flexible and shock absorbent, but that won't end up coated in a layer of dust and lint. The few specks of dust you see in these photos is all this case is likely to pick up ever. It's just dense enough to keep its good looks, yet flexible enough to be resilient:

    My favorite feature of this case is definitely its button covers:

    These work so much better than the bare buttons on the iPod touch 4g, which are rather difficult to reach on the sloping sides of the device. These button covers make the buttons feel much more responsive and easy to find. They also ensure that dust will not enter the device through the cracks around the buttons.

    Both the volume buttons and the power button have these covers instead of cut-outs. There are cut-outs for all of the ports, for the camera, the light sensor, the speaker, and even for the Apple logo--a nice touch:

    As you can see, everything is accommodated nicely. There is no vignetting with either camera, and all of the ports are fully functional with the case on. I don't have a docking station of any sort, so I can't say how well this case will work with one.

    I find this case to be far more comfortable in the hand than plastic skins are. The latter tend to have rough spots that scrape the fingers. This case does have a little ridge all along the sides that is probably a seam, but it's soft enough not to be a bother.

    One potential weak spot of the Ringke case may be the strip that extends along the bottom of it. That is where the case is at its thinnest, and I suppose that it could be snagged easily by a rambunctious child or perhaps some object within a bag. However, after tugging on this part a bit, I didn't get a sense that it would lose its shape or break very easily. It seems plenty sturdy.

    So there you have it. If you're interested in a skin-type of case, I can't imagine what more you could want for $16.99. The Ringke case is simply a great accessory for a great device.

    You can find it here:

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