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tom cruise and katie holmes daughter

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  • dsampley
    Mar 11, 01:08 PM
    Apple employee just counted 70 in line right now. Her comment was "pretty impressive for still having 4 hours to go".

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  • iTouch.lover22
    Mar 23, 01:34 AM
    Would just like to add pricing has been announced for Australia, $579 for the 16GB Wifi I'll be getting :)

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  • cathyy
    Apr 26, 05:48 AM
    Okay umm, I wish to do a clean SL reinstall. However I'm studying overseas and my SL disc is half the world away. Would there really be any difference if I obtained a copy of SL from a public source and used it instead?

    I know some of you might be skeptical of helping me because I sound like a pirate, but I do have an email from Apple as proof of my original SL purchase. :(

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  • angelwatt
    Feb 1, 05:58 PM
    I'm thinking part of it is a validation issue. You have problems both on the main page that declares the frames, and in the page where the frame leads to.

    Use this validator. (

    Also, what I provided was slightly different than what you have. You don't have the ending /, which might make a difference. I've honestly never used the base tag so can't speak to it much.

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  • Macmanrec
    Apr 22, 10:36 AM
    This is the whole immediate family.

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  • eclipse
    Apr 15, 10:54 PM
    Yeah, I had the impression it was just a 'trendy' but not very practical add-on to Word. Whenever Microsoft tries to be a bit more 'mac' in their design it just flops.

    I'm writing a Sci-Fi book for kids. I'm using one file as my Encyclopedia of backstory, and one file as the actual novel. As I write I mainly use the "Document Map" function to jump between Encylopedia 'entries' like Character summaries and place summaries and raw, unvarnished plot summaries.

    Does anyone have any other ideas on how I might jump around in Word, or even other (free) software I might use, or is it more efficient just to stick with software I know?

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Jun 22, 01:53 AM
    Come on, guys - at least help me on the black/white issue!! :eek: ;)
    Both look pretty good, but I'll put a vote in for white. My iPhone 3G is white, and it really hides the fingerprints and scuffs and stuff really well. For a portable system that will be handled all the time, I think the same thing will apply. So, I say get white.

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  • opeter
    Nov 18, 05:09 AM
    For animating vector files, I would use one of the following tools:
    - Adobe Flash
    - SwishMax (
    - Toon Boom Studio or Animate (
    - SmithMicro Anime Studio Pro (

    Opensource alternative is called Synfig (

    Of course, there is Adobe After Effects, but the thing is simply damn too expensive. Maybe if you would buy older version trough eBay, but beware, Intel Macs are supported only from version CS3 and above.

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  • UngratefulNinja
    Jan 11, 11:14 AM
    And I can't x out of it.


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  • bousozoku
    Aug 25, 01:38 PM
    exciting but this is going to use A LOT of power, especially with new generations of GPUs possibly approaching 200watts

    Watts the problem when you want to be first? ;)

    People have been calling for the Cell processor to be used for folding. GPUs obviously have really great floating point capabilities and they can even speed up poor (s)Tinker code dramatically.

    Of course, with Vista following Mac OS X in using the GPU for certain effects, that GPU is going to be busy.

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  • applekid
    Apr 4, 10:12 PM
    Or am I just crazy in trying to do this?

    *cough cough* :rolleyes:

    Your closest bet is hoping that the wireless USB Hub is compatible with the X-Box 360. Belkin makes one, I believe. Not 100% sure if it works nor do I think it even will. If it somehow magically works out, expect to spend $200 on the hub alone.

    Try to impress me though. I quite like my wireless PS2 Guitar Hero controller. I don't understand why they could've just made a wireless controller with a USB dongle and get around Microsoft's proprietary wireless restrictions. Maybe Red Octane is saving that for later?

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  • belvdr
    Sep 19, 07:17 PM
    This is pretty dirty, but it should give you the idea...

    $uri = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
    $url = explode("/",$uri);

    $url = $url[1];

    if($url == 'home'){
    <?php } elseif($url == 'about') { ?>
    <?php } elseif...

    Or, some like the switch statement:

    switch ($url) {
    case "home":

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  • TraceyS/FL
    Jun 29, 08:07 AM
    There was a decent line (for the area) at the one store i drove by this morning - about 20 people or so. My kids were surprised.

    Hopefully everyone that wants a phone is able to get one today!! :D

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  • vincenz
    Apr 15, 05:33 PM
    Go for a new computer. Doesn't sound like it's worth the headache.

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  • talmy
    Apr 29, 12:50 PM
    Well the 30 minute battery life wouldn't do for me, especially without the option to have extra battery packs. I'm considering buying a spare Flip while I still can.

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  • gadgetmonster
    May 5, 03:22 PM
    ok, that was my guess.......there's no other tools that will do it either?

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  • sketchy
    Oct 31, 02:39 PM
    Some suggestions... (I think the site is great)

    some of these might have been mentioned before..

    1: When you select a genre from the right section on the main page it takes you to the genre page. I would like to see the recommendation count listed next to the song name.

    2: When I go the search page the search inputs are at the bottom of the page (table problem?) (PC at work)

    3. Displaying songs -- is there any rhyme or reason as to how the songs are displayed? alpha by band -then album -then song would be nice.

    And 4: When you search or display enough songs to have a 'Next Page' link you do not have any idea how many pages there are. A page count would be nice. IE: Page (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

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  • polevault139
    Feb 21, 05:57 PM
    There are alot of keyboard shortcuts for Greek letter that are helpful in graphing

    For example pi is (Alt/Option)+(P)
    square root is (alt/option)+(V)

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    Jan 18, 05:24 PM
    Are these icons not available anywhere online?

    May 4, 08:12 AM
    You could try restoring to factory default. Make sure your iPhone is recently backed up. I've been trying to duplicate the issue to no avail.

    Jan 11, 11:27 AM
    Can you provide a screenshot of the ad taking over your MR experience?
    What browser are you using?

    I just Took a screenshot but I can't figure out how to upload it on my iPad :o I'm using safari on iPad.

    Jun 22, 02:38 PM
    The display might be worth something, depending what model it is. The 2005WFP screen is particularly desirable as a quality panel that isn't available any more.
    [EDIT] Your screen isn't one of those. A model number on the screen would be good. You are also going to need to look up the video card, the OS installed, (and whether it comes with discs) and the rest of the specs, so that you can describe your item accurately.

    The Pentium machine (non-dual core) with 80 GB HD is sadly worth no more than $200 - $300, as new dualcore machines with warranties, 250 GB drives and 2 GB RAM regularly go on sale for $350. Dell sells refurbished off-lease and open box machines with warranty at, which will provide a benchmark.

    $293.00 3421148 DIMENSION 3000 INTEL PENTIUM IV 3.0 GHz WINDOWS XP PRO 80 GB

    Figure out the size of the box and the weight, and go to USPS and UPS websites to calculate the shipping. It will depend on where its going, obviously. Figure on $35 - $60 shipping. You're probably best to sell it local through Craigslist or your local used classified sites.

    Oct 28, 09:40 PM
    This is the only one that has made me laugh out loud! Great Job! :D

    Oct 2, 12:42 PM
    Where has this "7455A" idea come from? Link?


    If the 7455 has made it to 1.33ghz to 1.4ghz, then why do you think it took Apple so long to ship 1.25's? I think we can conclude that only a very small number of chips clock above 1.25ghz.

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