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  • Charlie Sheen
    Mar 26, 09:42 AM
    try ubuntu. thats it

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  • AppleFanatic10
    May 3, 05:15 PM
    Anyone have any luck getting the $18.00 fee waived when they upgraded their iPhone? If so what tactic did you use....Just ask, tell them they did it for a friend etc....

    Why not just pay the $18.00 and get it over with? Honestly, $18.00 isn't bad at all. It's really nothing.

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  • kallyq
    Mar 11, 02:54 PM
    Planning to leave for there in a few minutes. How are the lines?

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  • macguywannabe
    May 6, 11:03 AM
    I am a novice with computers in general, but mac especially. I have an imac running OS X 10.6.4 and a macbook pro running 10.4.11. I am interested in updating the macbook. Can someone please give me the low down on these operating systems, and the best/economical way to update my macbook?? Do I really need to do this yet? Or is the 10.4.11 still a functional option for most things?? I also have a copy of parallels software. What do I gain by using this program? Is it worth the install, or are there currently better options? Thanks for any help, and please try to 'dumb down' the responses so that I will be able to understand :D. Thanks

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  • baummer
    Feb 17, 05:23 PM
    It would be far easier to bypass the router completely. What could be happening is that the router isn't able to (or needs to be refreshed) get internet information from your Mac. Login to your router and see what IP information it's pulling.

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  • adamjay
    Dec 4, 04:24 PM
    you can download a collection of high resolution .jpg's here:

    http://www.djadamjay.com/files/MedionLaptop.zip (5MB)

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  • alph45
    Apr 17, 08:27 AM
    you could render in h.264 and wrap in mpeg4 instead. don't know about qt windows, but mac version needs a plugin (Perian for example) to play avi files.

    never thought of dv as a delivery codec, regardless of the wrapper, but haven't messed with tape in some time.

    Then he may have deleted Quicktime and now Windows Movie Maker has taken over and changed the default file opening so he can't open the others. seems to be a user error.

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  • WhatAmI
    May 3, 02:15 PM
    I guess it depends which packages you've installed. E.g. fakeclockup and Springtomize (even w/ disabled animation) destroyed the smoothness on 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 on our 4 iP4's.

    If you're running only stock JB w/o restoring to an old Backup you should be fine. Have you tried that also?

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  • monke
    Oct 17, 08:11 PM
    Fixed spelling error's in new entry: here. (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=243484)

    Thanks for the compliments. :)

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  • Dopeyman
    Sep 23, 06:08 PM
    can the old quicksilver g4 dual 1.42 run the latest mac os?

    Yup.... I'm using it on my old 400 mhz AGP graphics G4.... I have 768 megs of ram... it runs pretty good...

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  • ClutchThese
    Apr 24, 10:31 PM
    is this a troll post? just curious?

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  • hobbyrennfahrer
    May 2, 11:32 AM

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  • GimmeSlack12
    Apr 23, 01:48 PM
    Ah, I see what you mean. Yeah, you can't change the order in the Library. In playlists you can because they are a "Play-List", so you can set the list of songs.

    Nothing you can do about it.

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  • blueroom
    Apr 16, 11:37 PM
    What kind of TV? OTA or Cable box?

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  • g�dspeed
    Feb 13, 10:04 PM
    I'll start --

    Asobi Seksu - Thursday

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  • BlackDan
    Dec 28, 05:32 AM

    One of the users in my company has a lot of Region 1 DVD's, so he changed the region code a few times between region 1 and 2. Unfortunately the number of times you can change this is limited. How can this counter be reset or circumvented?



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  • patchouli
    Apr 10, 08:01 PM
    I bought an IMac in November, it is now April.
    I bought my 2 boys an ipod touch 4th gen for xmas.
    So far, I haven't embraced the Mac experience.
    I am incredibly frustrated whenever I try to do anything.
    I finally opened an itunes account, and boy that was FUN (NOT).
    So now I've downloaded some free apps onto my Imac.
    Can someone tell me how, or show me where to find the instructions on how to make the apps go onto the ipods?
    Thanks for any real help.

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  • goldenlife
    Apr 6, 05:07 AM
    Hi All,

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  • Wigletbill
    Nov 9, 03:45 PM
    How the heck do you install it!?

    Mar 28, 12:42 AM
    Anyone know what name of the print type/technique where a glossy graphic is placed over a matte surface? They don't necessarily have different colors, it just shows different textures. Almost like thin plastic sticker is placed over the matte surface.

    I've mostly seen them on book covers and product packaging, anyone know what this type of printing is called?

    Are you referring to a spot varnish?

    Apr 30, 10:47 AM
    Hey Guys,

    So i finally took the plunge the other night, and ordered my mac pro online. plus I ordered an OCZ vertex 2 60GB drive (as thats all budget would allow after the MP)

    No obviously the SSD is to be the boot drive, but heres the thing, i will be putting in a further 500GB and 250GB drives, its for music production.


    Firstly, as its only a small SSD i obviously want to keep it as minimal as possible, so its gonna be OSX and logic... i see talk of user folders and such... could some one explain this to me, how full its likely to get and also how important it would be to keep them together?

    and as part two of that question, what is the absolute bare minimal i can put on to the ssd, as far as OSX goes, and importantly logic, (im assuming that logic and plugins need to be on ssd)

    And the next question.

    I would like to keep a copy of the ssd on the 250GB which is only to be used as a scrap drive anyway. so what would be the best way of doing that? partitioning 60GB and 190GB, and using the 60GB as the place to superduper! copy the ssd to every so often.

    And as the second part to that question, can i have it set up so that if the ssd was to fail, it would auto boot from the back up?

    I realise this is abit long. but any help help would be amazing guys.

    Apr 27, 02:27 PM
    I tried Insomniax and Caffeine. They both seem to not work, when I close the lid the notebook sleeps. I am planning on buying a 40" Tv, wireless keyboard and mouse + 5 foot HDMI to mini-display port cord so I can come back to my dorm, plug into the TV and shut the lid, and basically have a desktop.

    Lion doesn't seem to work with these? Or the Air? Anyone tried this on Lion. I never tried to use these programs on SL.

    Jul 30, 03:30 PM
    Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Sep 18, 03:44 AM
    I have to agree in the first few days i had my Mac Mini i was running it with 256mb RAM and the poor thing was a slug (the beautiful OS is completely crippled with 256), it struggled in most basic tasks, like opening preview or playing a AVI while surfing the web....

    Boosted it to 512mb and it works soooo much better, i am thinking of swapping that for a gig and this little baby will motor,

    Tell your bro to put in another 512mb chip and get 768mb for the iMac...


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