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  • mad jew
    Mar 22, 11:11 PM
    I'd say that a good 20 inch monitor would be generally cheaper than two 17 inch ones but I could well be wrong. I'm basing this on general Australian prices which aren't a great indication. Anyway, I suppose it should come down to whether you want more pixels on the horizontal plane (side to side) or vertically (top to bottom). The dual screens will give you a very wide viewing range but a relatively limited height. Also, from a personal taste perspective, I can't stand dual monitors because:

    a) the offset dock/half menu bar
    b) the screen edge being in the middle of my desktop

    but that's just me. ;)

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  • uicandrew
    Jun 29, 01:26 PM
    i have a 16gb ipod touch in mint/pristine condition (bestskinsever on the back, invisibleshield on the front) with all original accessories and packaging, including never worn headphones. still under warranty and i will include the original receipt

    $315 shipped

    this is consistent with the going market rate on ebay right now

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  • kona0197
    May 6, 11:24 AM
    So I have read these Macbooks have issues. should I keep the one I got in trade or sale it?

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  • ucfgrad93
    Apr 15, 11:55 PM
    I use it to take notes in my grad classes.

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  • orangefoodie
    Jul 2, 09:40 AM
    If I'm not mistaken, I believe you can just drag-and-drop the vCard file into the Address Book window. Presto! I love Macs for their amazing ability to drag-and-drop everything ;)

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  • firestarter
    Apr 27, 07:16 PM
    Get a pair of AKG or Sennheiser closed back headphones (you need closed back, since you don't want the sound in your headphones to leak out and get picked up by the microphone).

    The Yeti is a pretty good value microphone, and should do fine.

    Is this for spoken stuff? Singing?

    GarageBand is fine for simple recording. If you want to do more complicated stuff, take a look at Logic express - it's has most of the functions of Logic Pro, but with a limit on the number of tracks in a project (32 I think, which should be plenty), and it doesn't ship with as many samples and virtual instruments.

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  • Fivetides
    Feb 10, 08:14 AM
    I am not sure I understand. So you have to try to copy a file (Mac --> PC) to get access denied and that makes it possible for (PC --> Mac) to work when it didn't work before you got the access denied message. Also connecting works (Mac --> PC) fine without having to do anything elaborate.

    Connecting (Mac --> PC) works for viewing files only? My setup worked fine when I made sure I was on the same wireless network, and opened up a port on the PC firewall, and started up Windows Sharing on the Mac side.

    Also just a word of warning. People freak out when they see MAC or Apple (When refering to a Mac) instead of Mac. It might even be confusing for some networking folks since MAC means something different.

    You have it mostly right, I'm sorry I wasn't more clear. Connecting Mac to PC works when I want to copy a file from the PC to the Mac, but if I try to do it the other way around it won't ever work. The only way that I can copy a file to my PC is to log onto my Mac as a network drive from the PC. But it will only allow me to connect as a network drive after I went through the whole access denied thing trying to copy a file to the PC from a Mac. And thanks for the tip on Mac terminology, I just became a convert.

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  • eljanitor
    May 2, 05:17 PM
    It is possible I could max it out but as much as I wanna keep the old thing going, I'm possibly getting handed down a new one so... it's pretty fast only problem is cannot run leopard on it... but do have snow leopard on iMac white plastic intel... used to have all OS... tiger, leopard, snow leopard, now only have leo and sl

    Why can't you run leopard ( on it? You just can't run snow leopard on it. It can handle 1.25 GB which is (1 GB + 256 MB of RAM) So just go buy a 1 GB RAM chip for it and you will be fine.

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  • poobear
    Mar 27, 05:52 AM
    Bug? I would say it is the local backup that's new to 10.7 and set to on by default (System Preference > Time Mashine > Options > Local backup).

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  • Daremo
    May 3, 02:00 AM
    Does anyone know if this even exists?

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  • Bernard SG
    Apr 20, 03:41 AM
    I just discovered these, surfing tech-blogs:

    Anyone notices the anomalies?

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  • cube
    Nov 3, 02:33 AM
    Official spelling with the content and redirects from incorrect spelling.

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  • Abstract
    Dec 19, 02:57 AM
    Love 180's even though I don't use them, but I worked in a high end sports store for a long time, and they're quality. I'd be fine using my iPod earbuds with a pair of regular 180s, though. I don't like the idea of using the earbuds that come with those 180s. Hell, even Quicksilver used to sell toques with earphones built into them. They sucked.

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  • Epiphron
    Jan 19, 02:20 AM
    i thought there was a setting for this. in the sounds settings, there's a ringer and alerts volume slider, and it says "the volume of the ringer and alerts will not be affected by the volume buttons." I'm not sure if this affects alarm but maybe you can try it :)

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  • bc008
    Jun 29, 01:10 PM
    how much just for GTA IV ps3 game?
    sorry, not dividing it at this time
    what version ps3 is it? also who is the warranty from and is it transferable? highly interested.
    40 GB. it is the standard walmart 2 year extended warranty (purchased for $30) it is transferable.

    yay Ikea Grono lamp!
    yay! i got the two pack on my last visit

    sorry guys! it seems i listed it a bit too early.. everyone is interested after i already listed it.. anyways with a starting price of $300 and no reserve you may get it for a bargain

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  • robbieduncan
    Apr 10, 09:00 AM
    A simpler solution would be to move the folder somewhere (or even hide it) and make an alias to the file that starts the app.

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  • philipma1957
    Feb 10, 06:56 AM
    it will use no more then 3.1gb of the 4gb

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  • MacNut
    Apr 1, 12:22 PM
    I would buy a Wii60.:p

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  • brand
    Mar 17, 10:10 PM
    Most of the info I have read pertaining to BF 1942 says that it does not run well on Intel architecture. So much so that I canceled my order for it from Apple. I haven't read much about UT 2004 though.

    Feb 24, 02:48 AM
    Thanks. All I had to do was reset the display setting (hold shift at startup) and I was good. Thanks for the reply though.

    Apr 14, 08:54 PM
    Were the notes that didn't transfer from the same email account? If not, it may be an issue with that email account.

    For the other question, yes, syncing two iPads to the same computer will result in essentially the same data unless you select certain things to not go on one or the other.

    Dec 4, 08:35 PM
    i'm sorry but if i'm going to go to a desktop i would like to do a G5 unless I can get a G4 w/ monitor or something like that

    May 4, 06:27 AM
    Just out out of curiosity, can't you queue the files?

    Downloading ten files at 150KB/s is as fast as downloading one file after another at 1.5MB/s.

    Nov 5, 11:28 AM
    I agree. I just made the switch from the PC world to a Dual CPU G5 w/ 1.5 Gig..

    Man o man, what an AWESOME machine!
    I was using the PC for video editing and got sick and tired of the crashes, slow response, etc that I continuously got with XP. When it worked, it worked, but there was a ton of headaches too.

    I'm computer literate, however I had never used a MAC before, and within a few hours, I'm zipping around the OS and getting the feel for Final Cut.
    I can't believe how much easier and more reliable this system is...

    I should have jumped of the PC ship much sooner... I'm hooked!


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