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  • Howard Borden
    Apr 2, 10:06 PM
    Although not mentioned in the documentation, the upgrade to OS 4.3.1 fixed the freezing video stream problem on my iPad2.

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  • bjbest
    Jul 17, 06:25 AM
    This is problem is due to OS X permissions conflicts. You should remove your
    current installation of Suitcase, including the OS X and Classic preference
    files and then download and install using the manual installer file
    available from;

    I'll let you know if it works incase anyone else is in the same boat


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  • drjekyl
    Sep 20, 01:38 AM
    Congrats on the new purchase, I too will soon own a powerbook 15". I have used 3 different Linksys wireless routers and have been satisfied with all of them but the last one. The router is not working even though the wireless access is. If you are going to keep a PC handy then you shouldn't have any problems since you can only update firmware on the Linksys through a PC.

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  • wormtail
    Jan 18, 09:38 AM
    Oh, will it harm the hardware? I always wanted to try but just afraid that it would hard the speaker. And I meant increasing volume of alarm clock only without affecting the others. As in, separate system something like that. I dont wanna use 3rd party alarm because I heard that they are battery consuming, is that true? Thanks :o

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  • homerjward
    Sep 18, 03:55 AM
    the "i have more RAM than you" factor.
    he's losing. big time.
    *has 2gb of ram :D*

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  • iLucas
    Apr 5, 12:45 AM
    So far so good.
    Zapped PRAM and on first boot it never froze.

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  • MacBytes
    Aug 30, 12:35 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: (
    Posted on (

    Approved by Mudbug

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  • HappyDude20
    May 5, 01:59 PM
    It's a real place?!? :D

    I had to Google it myself afterwards! I had no idea it was real. lol.

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  • spook2517
    Apr 1, 01:53 AM
    ^ It would be nice to use the iPhone as a phone, but I already have a Blackberry and pay $35 a month for a killer Sprint plan, so I doubt I would switch.

    Some of the apps I have downloaded to the iPhone are...
    -Gobo - Set definitions/references
    -LVRUSA - Instructions for quites a few popular cameras
    -Clinometer - Level app used for syncing shots
    -Aja Datacalc - App used for calculating disk space
    -Keyframe - Keeps track/notes on shots
    -Kodak Cinema Tools - Depth of field calculator for film cameras
    -myGobo - Lighting/grip app

    I'm currently looking at the MatchLens ($9.99), Toland ASC Digital Assistant ($39.99) & Panascout/Panascout Lite ($9.99 or free).

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  • Claus.L
    Apr 25, 04:21 AM
    You can't export to Pages. However, you can save to .doc and .docx, either of which can be opened in Pages.

    But the .docx files cannot be read correctly by Pages. There are lots of incompatibilites.
    Do I have to get Office for Mac to solve this?

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  • fikhl
    Feb 22, 07:44 AM
    Hello everyone!

    I got my iPod touch yesterday (my first Apple product!) with the fimware 4.2.1 and jailbroke it with Greenposion 6.1.

    I've read that it's necessary to change the root password after jailbreaking, I was wondering if it's necessary to do that when using Greenpoison? Should I still change it via MobileTerminal?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Mal
    Feb 2, 10:40 AM
    Sorry, no. iDisk uses WebDAV for it's connection method, not FTP. IIRC, there are some FTP clients that also support WebDAV, including Transmit, I believe. With one of those, you could work out a solution (many allow for editing files in an external editor, automatically saving changes to the webhost when you save the file in Coda).

    And no, you cannot run a Wordpress installation from your iDisk. It doesn't support PHP or any other server-side scripts that would be needed to operate something like that. I think it's possible that at this point you'd be best finding an actual web host.


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  • hkaraman
    Apr 1, 04:41 AM

    I have a PDF that I genereated using Adobe Acrobat Professional which have textboxes to get information and submit button to post data to database. It runs on a webserver and works great on windows and ie, netscape and etc..., when the page is loaded browser loads the pdfviewer shows file as expected but functionality is not there. Submit button on IPAD's PDF viewer does not show up at all as the main problem.
    Anyone have a solution to this, will be great if the web app works on IPAD.


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  • skubish
    Jan 9, 08:35 PM
    Traditionally, Steve holds something back and annouces it a few weeks later by special invitation-only press conference.

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  • minifridge1138
    Apr 25, 05:30 PM
    Ok, I'll be the jerk and point out that the OP posted a question about a Mac Book Pro on the Mac Pro forum.

    Not a problem, we're all nice people (mostly) and are happy to help. But you might get more first-hand testimonials if you post in the right forum.

    I am paranoid about things overheating. I'd rather have the noise from extra fans than an burned up processor.

    I'd probably just get the latest and greatest that I could afford, and then buy the extended apple care. That way you're covered if it does burn up.

    Apple is the only company that I would buy an extended warranty from. I don't trust other manufacturers enough to spend enough money to worry about a warranty.

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  • aiqw9182
    Apr 13, 03:37 AM

    Is my video card supported ?
    atMonitor uses Apple's own framework for accessing GPU sensors, so it will support only those video cards that Apple itself supports. If Apple's own "OpenGL Monitor" does not show you the correct information, neither will atMonitor.

    Personally I've never seen atMonitor's GPU monitor work, it always showed 0%.

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  • Jon'sLightBulbs
    Apr 1, 12:31 PM
    The general population here at Macrumors doesn't succumb to that itch to post nonsensical stories unsubstantiated by fact. Those posts are pointless.

    April Fools.

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  • prmccarron
    Apr 18, 08:47 AM
    I'm going to download the Lion dev preview, and by popular recommendation, I want to partition my drive to do it. I've never partitioned my drive and I don't want to lose anything; are there any tips? Can I use Boot Camp (because I've done that once before)
    Help is greatly appreciated!

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  • Halle Berry 2011 Academy

    Aug 4, 08:35 PM
    hmm, when i try to open the image, they show up as an unrecognized format.

    where would a n00b like myself learn how to create something like this? i have no problem installing F@H on a Mac, but it's gotta stay hidden and start at when the computer boots.

    May 3, 05:07 PM
    Seems overpriced

    I just sold my

    15" MBP
    4Gb Ram
    500Gb hard drive
    2 batteries

    Jim Campbell
    Mar 20, 06:33 PM
    Yah. Cutting mat, steel rule and a really sharp blade. Start and end your cut along both long edges inside the edge of the paper, then rotate 90� and cut through on the other edges.



    Apr 19, 08:55 PM
    Thanks for all the advice. It's a shame about the flip. I may be leaning towards Kodak.

    Apr 28, 01:28 PM
    It must be there for a reason, otherwise they wouldn't put it in there. This is Apple, you have to remember.

    Apr 19, 06:18 PM
    You have to do at least 95% of the work before you ask for help. You need to isolate the problem and then post for help if you can't figure it out. If you can't / won't isolate it, you are not going to get much help. The beauty of this system is that your odds of figuring it out on your own after isolating it go way, way, way up. Cheers.

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