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  • anarkypg
    May 7, 03:39 AM
    Thanks a lot for your answers! I will use it to write, watch movies and videos, internet, but I would like a desktop which could last long. And, of course, I would like a powerful machine... ;-)
    As for Ram: if I don't buy them from Apple, is it easy to add them? Is there place to add 4 Gb or I have to buy 8Gb and replace the Apple ones?
    Thanks again!

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  • simsaladimbamba
    May 4, 06:27 AM
    Just out out of curiosity, can't you queue the files?

    Downloading ten files at 150KB/s is as fast as downloading one file after another at 1.5MB/s.

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  • Apfik
    Apr 17, 09:12 PM
    I found the page
    maybe someone can find it helpful.
    I guess I can buy only one applecare, since I can get only one macbook per a year.

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  • Sunday, May 8th, 2011 | Posted

  • Yamisky0
    Oct 17, 07:01 PM
    I hopefully will! My birthday is the 25th.

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  • Powerbook G5
    Sep 19, 11:34 PM
    Although I have no firsthand experience, I've heard that the Linksys wireless-G router/4 port switch unit is pretty good both with distance and mixed networking. At home we have a Mac/PC network with 4 computers with a wired Linksys and it works pretty well. You can get one for half as much as the APE station at about $120 and you can connect through ethernet with it as well.

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  • coochiekuta
    Dec 12, 07:54 PM
    ds carts can only do WEP wireless security. if your router is set to anything other than WEP your game will not connect. the dsi hardware itself can connect to other security protocols. thats how you are able to use the browser.

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  • And
    May 16, 05:54 AM

    There doesn't seem to be a natural place in these forums for discussing using Macs in science settings. What would people here think about broadening the remit of this group to 'Distributed computing and Science' or 'Macs in science settings' or whatever! (suggestions?). Any interest?

    Regards, a.

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  • john_satc
    Mar 21, 11:33 AM
    In the Finder View Options, do you have it set to either "Snap to grid" or "Keep arranged by" name/type/...? If so, it will automatically place your icons.

    oh thank you it worked! cheers loads!

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  • NickCerame
    May 6, 11:48 AM
    I plan on picking on up pretty soon. I just didn't want it to be updated right after I buy the current model. I plan on using this monitor for awhile.

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  • l4t13
    May 20, 09:44 PM
    price dropped

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  • yaesumofo
    Jun 21, 12:48 AM
    I read that multiple exchange servers are supported.

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  • Happy Birthday, Brendan Fraser

  • damson34
    Apr 26, 08:29 PM
    if your machine shipped with SL you must use a disk that came from an identical machine, otherwise the disc won't hold the drivers necessary.

    True for restore discs only. Retail Discs can be installed on any machine that was released prior to the build on the disc.

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  • mrapplegate
    Apr 7, 09:11 AM
    lion is indexing every time i reboot on 2010 mbp.

    Mine started to do that as well. Stop the indexing on the all volumes with
    sudo mdutil -a -i off

    then restart sudo mdutil -a -i on

    It will report that it will take 48 hours but will finish in 15 min usually. I have had to do this twice. There are several posts on the Dev forums about it.

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  • Brendan Fraser Picture #24

  • fishmoose
    Apr 20, 02:35 PM
    I guess they want to make sure Samsung can't pull a quick one on them.

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  • Posted in Brendan Fraser

  • labman
    May 5, 04:57 PM
    DFU Video this one saved my butt when I was a newbie! (

    Iclarifieds DFU video (

    one of these should get umm unbricked.. btw term bricked is used when a iphone is 100% useless. usually only a hardware issue causes it in at least 99.99% of the cases

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  • mvkVirtual
    Apr 12, 05:29 PM
    Who wants IE at all? :rolleyes:
    Good point ;)

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  • philipma1957
    Apr 25, 02:15 PM
    Thanks for the link... you said you buy all your 3TB drives from him but have you installed them in a Mac Pro and do they show the entire hard drive as usable space?

    yes if you run snow leopard.

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  • svenn
    Feb 24, 12:21 AM
    Yes, I received a PM from a moderator stating that they had deleted the thread, but only because the OP requested it. I was relieved to hear that it didn't get zapped for some other reason, but it's puzzling that someone would want to withdraw his request for C&C like that. Granted, the two replies he received were critical, but they were very polite and thoughtful. Isn't getting that kind of feedback the whole point of requesting C&C? :confused:

    I never got a chance to post my reply (which was long, and took me a good bit of time to compose), so I just sent a pm to the OP instead.
    Thanks for clearing that up. I thought I was losing it for a moment there.

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  • Starring Brendan Fraser, Luke

  • FourBagz
    Apr 24, 09:13 AM
    Before coming to this forum I've spent literally at least 15 hours this weekend trying to get this working myself by watching countless videos, searching so many websites, and just plain playing around with as many different settings as I could think that might fix it. So any input from another person would be very much appreciated.

    My Setup

    Playstation 3
    Hauppauge HD PVR 1212 (ordered from Amazon a week ago)
    MacBook Pro (2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3)
    iMovie '09 (came with my MacBook Pro)

    The Problem
    I recorded a 30:33 minute clip and tried exporting in the following ways:
    1. H.264 (native)
    2. "QuickTime Movie" (using H.264)

    H.264 native always imports smoothly into iMovie but for some reason the length of the exported clip is shorter than the original by 10 seconds (30:22) which means my live commentary, while synched at the beginning of the video, will become out of synch later in the video (not sure if it becomes progressively worse or if it happens at a single point in the video). I'm also not sure if the video is missing frames or if the entire video from end-to-end is actually playing slightly faster than the original speed.

    QuickTime Movie using H.264 exports smoothly out of EyeTV (maintains the original length of the clip) but fails to import into iMovie with "The file will not be imported. It is not compatible with iMovie.".

    However, if I export just 10 seconds of the clip with the same QuickTime Movie/H.264 option that iMovie rejected earlier, it imports just fine.

    I believe I've tried other export options but I won't list them here because I'm not 100% sure about them yet, I need more time to play with them. Many of them didn't import into iMovie. I've tried so many things. I wish I could trial Final Cut Express to see if it'd fix my import problems but I don't want to spend $200 only to find out it doesn't work. I also know there's an iMovie '11 but again I don't know if that'd fix any of this.

    One thing to note is that I saw someone on YouTube mention he had problems (didn't mention what they were) in using the Hauppauge HD PVR 1212 he purchased from Amazon. Mine came with no remote (the box did not have a photo of the remote like it does on the manufacturers homepage).

    I've e-mailed Hauppauge and EyeTV to try and help me understand what's going on.

    Oct 28, 10:15 AM
    Thank you so much!
    is that some kind of adware thing or is it something my client accidently put in there?

    you're the best!

    Thank you. No idea what it is... it appears to be some sort of Visual Basic script and is likely some kind of Windows ad/malware.


    Dec 1, 09:47 AM
    Category: 3rd Party Software
    Link: Top 10 for X (
    Posted on (

    Approved by Mudbug

    May 3, 05:58 PM
    Here is my 5th Gen iPod with Video. Screen is clouded up because I dropped it on some granite tile from about waist high. It still works, just can't see the entire screen.

    Jan 28, 02:16 AM
    Problem has vanished - internet sharing now automatically restarts following start up ......

    Mar 11, 08:55 AM
    the lime is growing

    Make a giant margarita?

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