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  • ammon
    Sep 24, 06:17 PM
    I have a cheap Bytecc external case. (Oxford 911 chipset) It has both firewire and usb2. I put a harddrive in one and a Lite-On DVD burner in the other.

    Both work great for windows and mac.

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  • Nostromo
    May 3, 01:17 AM
    No reply?

    That's a song by the Beatles.

    Could I play it through bookshelf speakers, connected to a receiver, connected to the Mac via usb 2.0 with the above device?

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  • MaxBurn
    May 5, 04:11 PM
    DFU mode should still work, but it isn't the easiest thing to get into. There are some youtube videos on it that help a lot.

    Again pretty far from being bricked.

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  • NWAMacTech
    Sep 2, 01:33 PM
    Server Beach. I have used them a while and their parent company also owns Rack Space.

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  • Mareshalu
    Mar 27, 07:29 PM
    Hey guys I'm in a bit of a hole here, I bought a jailbroken ipad with 4.2.1 on it and tried to reset content on it from settings menu and I'm stuck now.
    I tried hosts trick, redsn0w, tinyumbrella, but without the shsh blobs saved can't move but up to 4.3.1 I think which I don't want.
    Anyone have any smart solution to this without upgrading? Oh btw I get error 3194 when restoring in Itunes. Thanks much guys.

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  • davidgrimm
    Aug 23, 03:48 PM
    What a bag of crap! These musicians whining about how they can no longer demand to be paid large amounts of money for a 3 minute song or a album of 3 good, 3 okay, and 4-6 poor 3 minute songs. In today's market, it takes these guys 2 days of studio time to create an album. Since its digital there is no cost to copy the product so really everything above about $0.05 is pure gravy for the artist, record company, and seller.

    Yeah, maybe I'd be bummed about working for a couple of weeks and no longer getting paid $millions like I used to in the 80's, but the record industry was and still is simply a rip-off.

    In an age when I can pay $2.00 for an app that can entertain for hours, $1.35 is a lot to ask for a 3 minute song. Especially when the cost of coping that song is close to zero.

    Of course, Mellonhead, most of your fanbase (both of them) are not computer literate so you're not missing out on any money from copies. Your albums simply don't sell very well. And don't blame the fact nobody's buying your crappy music on the internet...

    The new reality of entertainment is the YouTube generation. Thousands of people are working hard full time to create content they give for free simply for a cut of the ad revenues.

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  • Eraserhead
    Apr 24, 12:53 PM
    I actually think this is quite a good idea, so I'm making a start on it:

    List of Mac Software

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  • villanova329
    Dec 25, 02:04 PM
    I am seriously looking for a Nokia Luna 8600. I decided that I'm just going to get an iPod Touch for my calendar and iPod needs, and just use a regular cellular phone when I need one.

    If you have a Nokia Luna 8600 that you're willing to trade for an excellent condition iPhone 8GB + some cash, please let me know. Didn't get anything for xmas because I've been too busy giving, now its my turn to get a gift for myself=).

    Your help is greatly appreciated

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  • dsheffieldcht
    Oct 19, 09:20 AM
    I will definitely be there, late though. I will be upset if I don't get me a free shirt. :apple: I loves me some Apple collectibles.

    See ya'll there.


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  • MACUSER360
    Jun 22, 10:25 AM
    I think i will show up around 6.

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  • ki2594
    Jun 23, 10:36 PM
    14" or 12"
    Does this come with any software CDs as per Marketplace rules?
    What accessories(if any) comes with this? (ie battery(condition?), ac adapter...)
    Original box or manuals included?
    What size HDD?
    Overall condition of case and LCD, any stuck dead pixels?

    Yes it does come with the original software CD's along with a VGA adapter. The battery overall is OK, on maximum screen brightness, the battery goes a full 2 hours on a single charge. Also, the AC adapter is in perfect condition, no damage to it what so ever. Original box and manuals are included. It has a 60 gb HDD. Also, the overall condition is near perfect. The case has no visible scratchs on it right now. I also haven't noticed any dead pixels on the LCD and it still goes up to the original maximum brightness.
    Hope that anwsered your questions!

    EDIT: As it states in the title, it is a 14" LCD display.

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  • Daveway
    Sep 28, 09:45 PM
    I'm kinda new to web design and I need help with something.

    I made one of the flash photo galleries that CS2 makes. I want to get it into an already made html page. However, I can't seem to do this because the .swf file needs all these other files that PS made to go with it.

    How would I do this? A frame?

    I'm using GoLive btw.


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  • morean51
    Mar 9, 05:01 AM
    might go with uninstalling your itunes application or go fix your ipod touch by updating with latest firmware

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  • VideoCave
    Mar 23, 03:18 PM
    I am video editor and have an Intensity pro card as well. And all its good for is displaying my video from FCP and Motion to a TV monitor. And half the time that is an issue just to get that to work. There own capture software doesn't even work with their own ****. No video just audio maybe.

    So I called them about problems I was having and they said well it works with our setup. Which means that have the most basic setup of a computer and Video Editing software and nothing else installed or attached.

    WOW! thanks for the help BlackMagic. That cleared up a lot.

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  • MacBandit
    Oct 9, 12:28 AM
    It's definitely a typo one that's made it's rounds I have to say. There have been several sites advertising the new Dual/DDR/1.5Ghz machines. For some reason it's really easy to leave out the 2.

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  • Tailpike1153
    Mar 2, 11:37 AM
    Thanks OP. I'm going to check it out.

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  • Gus
    Jul 18, 03:20 PM
    Hello all,

    My wife's iBok 600 is having MAJOR battery issues. I have tried to reset PRAM and the PMU through the prescribed method from Apple, but when I do these things, nothing is changed. Resetting the PMU should reset the date and time as well as some other settings, but nothing is ever changed. Any ideas on what to do? She is WAY out of warranty on this.


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  • skoker
    Dec 15, 06:28 AM
    I'm looking to get a network drive enclosure for a hard drive I have right now. I'm looking specifically for an enclosure I can access from many computers hooked up to the same router.

    I currently have a hard drive, but it may be dying, so if you have an enclosure with a drive that has 100GB+ of space on it... we can deal!

    Keep in mind, I don't wanna spend over $100, and that's the absolute highest I'm able to go, so I'd rather pay less.

    Please post here if you think you might have what I need.

    I have an Ximeta 120GB (USB 2.0 and 10/100eNet) NAS I'm thinking about selling, but it's almost brand new and your offer is a bit low. If you could raise it a bit (or offer a trade) I would consider parting with it.

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  • Euan
    Sep 16, 11:05 AM
    I strongly recommend that you buy your PB in the States and don't pay extra for our silly UK prices!
    Agreed - particularly given you're only here for a short time.

    Jul 6, 08:47 AM
    Originally posted by tazo
    i just went and it said cannot be displayed because it contains errors.

    can you mail it to:

    It keeps on getting delivery failures, I've tried 3 times, it's not getting through on .Mac or Hotmail accounts, sorry.

    It doesn't seem to get through on the hotmail servers.

    Jan 22, 07:24 PM
    Because I live in New Jersey so... yeah. Also, Is there an age limit, because I'm only 14:confused:

    May 5, 12:18 PM
    My on button rattles a bit. I just got this as a warranty replacement several days ago. I would not worry about it.

    So it seems its just a characteristic of the phone. Fair enough. I hope my battery life increases! 48% by 11am! :(

    Mar 17, 03:38 AM
    ok thanks for the info, ill be upgrading to 16GB when i can afford it, and also buying a 2TB GRaid so hopefully this will help

    Sep 18, 11:39 AM
    I think its pretty funny, not even from a mac user's point of view from a general computer user who's had the system crash while doing something important.
    Well, it's mildly amusing. I would say though, it holds an important message to Microsoft. If you were running on medical equipment, it would have to be 100% reliable, so why any less for business or home users?

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